Friday, December 7, 2007

Beckham broken rib?

OK, so the tabloid press say David Beckham broke a rib while playing Sydney FC. They even have a quote from him about it.

Yet he soldiered on playing the next match in Wellington. Now, of course, a broken rib isn't like playing on an injured ankle, but still painful.

Working on an article about the tour, I decided to check with the Galaxy about David's injury. Here's the response I got from the Galaxy's press officer via email: David did not suffer any broken ribs. He had an X-Ray but it turned out negative.

Who to believe? I decided to take the reference to the ribs out of my article, since I couldn't find any other verification of the report. A lot of articles mentioned the ribs, but they all seemed to be quoting bits of the same article, even though they didn't all credit it.

Becks says on his blog that he bruised his rib.


Anonymous said...

Trust me, you would not be able to play soccer with a broken or cracked rib. The pain is intense, breathing next to impossible.

Been there, done that.


Joseph D'Hippolito said...

a.c., I wouldn't trust Galaxy media relations if they told me that 2+2=4.

Anonymous said...

If you noticed... his blog said "bruised", very different from broken.