Friday, January 12, 2007

Captain USA

Claudio Reyna is going home. It looks as if Reyna will be joining New York fairly soon. If it happens, it will be a good thing for New York and the league. Reyna's best days are behind him but he still possesses star power and the ability to pique fans' interest.

Reyna captained the USMNT for quite a few years. Admittedly, I was never a true Reyna supporter. I felt he was good but I think some people made him out to be a more influential player than he really was. In some ways, I felt justified when he made that horrendous error against Ghana in the World Cup last year. Still, I can't say I'm happy with the way his national team career ended, in a crumpled heap as he cost his team a chance to advance in the World Cup.

With Reyna, New York coach Bruce Arena will find a player willing to do anything for him and mentally and emotionally capable enough to carry the load in New York, and that's a big load. If his body holds up, I think Reyna will be a fine addition to the league.


Anonymous said...

L.B., you write:
In some ways, I felt justified when he made that horrendous error against Ghana in the World Cup last year.

If you go back and watch the match carefully, the error was made by the much-hyped-among-American-media-for-his-supposed-swagger Mr. Dempsey, who played a boneheaded backpass to Reyna. Also if you notice, Reyna became injured on that play and left the game.

Oh, and Dempsey's mate at Fulham made the other boneheaded play of that game.


A.C. said...

Normally, we don't accept anonymous comments, but we made an exception here, as leaving your initials made it semi-anoymous.

D. Sivakumar said...

Note to AC/LB: didn't mean to post anonymously, my display name came out wrong, so switched to anon.

I do stand by my criticism of Dempsey's performance at the world cup (placing me alongside the excellent soccer writer who also authors this blog, and who criticized Dempsey squarely for not taking a kick from the mark at the MLS Cup).

Reyna, along with Donovan, was decidely less than inspirational at the WC, but it would be harsh to criticize him for the loss to Ghana, when Onyewu and Bocanegra are ahead in line for that honor.