Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Not so familiar

So Andrea talked about her not-so-long lost cousin Ricardo Canales. That inspired me to post about my not-so-long lost family members.

Before I start, however, I must say that these people stick out in my mind because they are Buenos and Bueno ain't too common a last name. If my last name were Hernandez, I wouldn't care. Actually, if my last name were Hernandez, I'd probably go by El Matador.

Anyway, there is a long-suffering coach in Mexico named Sergio Bueno. He's been with Atlante and Morelia and Atlas among others. He's been with six clubs and I knew right there that he couldn't be related to me because I haven't moved around that much. Okay, I write for like five different publications but all at once. I don't get fired once a year like good old Sergio.

Then, there's Carlos Bueno who plays with Sporting Lisbon. Aside from his ghastly looks, I knew he couldn't be my cousin because he scores a lot... and I'm married.

So then, D.C. was close to signing Ruy Bueno Neto of Brazil. I thought that maybe he could be my cousin but when negotiations fell apart I knew he couldn't be my relative because he apparently had a high asking price and I'm pretty cheap.

So finally I came across this character named Danny Bueno. I know this guy is related to me because he shows a good knowledge of the English language, a strong understanding of soccer and we also shared a room for about two decades.

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