Monday, January 29, 2007

The Gooch is still loose

I love how the chase is on for Oguchi Onyewu. At this point, top teams in Spain (Real Madrid), Italy (AC Milan, or was it Inter?), France (Marseille) and England (Man U, Chelsea, Fulham, Middlesborough and now Newcastle) have all reportedly sought his services.

I've only met Onyewu a few times, because he's been abroad for so long, but he leaves an impression. He was downright testy in the Hamburg press conference following the loss to the Czech Republic in Germany. Not in a surly, mean way, but as if his dignity was affronted that so many were writing the U.S. team off so early. He seemed really determined to turn it around for the team.

Obviously, he's a physical force on the field, but at times, he's had to be extremely careful with calls. Players can bump into him and fall back as if they've been wounded, and the referees fall for it. They look at his size and strength and probably assume that Onyewu did some damage.

Anyway, I'll be almost disappointed when Onyewu does settle down someplace. The "Runaway Bride" aspect of all these major suitors unable to finalize a deal is almost funny.

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