Friday, March 21, 2014

Xolos - Puebla, Liga MX Running Blog

This game is slightly delayed on the Azteca America channel I'm watching, but hey, I'll survive. 

1 - Benedetto and Pellerano attack, earn a Xolos corner, than another.
2 - Beasley is backed up by ref - too close to corner. Benedetto scores!
3 - Dude is a scoring machine. I think Arce sent the ball in. Benedetto scored via header near post.
4 - I think Orozco should have been marking Benedetto. Ooops.

5 - Announcers review the success of Mexican teams in the CCL - complete annihilation of the MLS teams, basically. Fun.
6 - Announcers review the merits of Beas and Castillo, both World Cup candidates for Jurgen Klinsmann - they mention Klinsy might be watching to decide between the two of them. But no pressure, dudes.
7 - What's funny is that Xolos are famous for their American players, but Puebla has more on the field right now - Beas and Orozco.
8 - Castillo is the only American on the field for the Xolos right now.
9 - The return of Fernando Arce is the big story for the Xolos at present.
10 - Party in the stand for the Xolos fans. Their stadium, I must note, doesn't look sold out. But it does look lively.
11 - Mostly moving the ball around midfield right now. No chances, really.
12 - After the early attack, Xolos seem to have taken their foot off the gas.
13 - After Orozco fouls a player, the announcers discuss how he scored a goal versus Panama, basically becoming as responsible as Zusi for sending Mexico to the World Cup playoff.
15 - Castro gets a yellow for grabbing.
17 - Beas and Gandolfi dueling - it's kind of a draw in the corner, but Gandolfi does kill the attack of Beas.
18 - Even the announcers mention how the stadium isn't full like it was against the Galaxy.
20- Castillo gets fouled now.
21 - Gandolfi fouls a Puebla player. Things getting chippy.
23 - Game is back in the midfield. Puebla have a slight possession edge, but not much.
25 - Ball bouncing in the Xolos box, Saucedo chases, can't secure it, but the danger is cleared.
27 - Corner for Xolos. Puebla much more alert to the situation now (little late after goal is already scored) and they clear the ball well.
29 - Beas deals well with a deep ball - good passing on the Puebla backline to work the ball away safely.
30 - Beas is super-active, stealing the ball and getting fouled. Good to see that teams find him as annoyingly effective on the club level as they do internationally.
32 - Xolos getting forward a bit more now.
33 - Ayovi nearly scored, but his shot was touched away by a defender. He falls over, doesn't get the call in the box.
35 - A sideline shot of Cesar Farias shows that his hair looks lacquered. Like Ricky Ricardo just before a band performance.
Studs up from Pellerano - that's a yellow.
36 - Beas kills a Xolos counter and sends a long pass to Orozco, who nearly takes it into the Xolos box on his own.
39 - More midfield battling.
42 - Benedetto is a bit weaselly. He undercuts a Puebla player going up for a header.
44 - Then Nunez gets pulled down - so the chippiness continues.
45 - Xolos corner.  Gandolfi sends it to the outside of the side netting.
45 + Benedetto again gets away with a shove in the box on a Puebla player.
Halftime - I'm beginning to think that part of the reason Xolos have such a good home record is the home cooking on some of these referee calls.

Got sleepy - too much Nyquil! Xolos won the match, 3-1 at the end. 

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