Friday, March 14, 2014

The Goal That Wasn't

Jaime Penedo had a pretty amazing game for the Galaxy versus the Xolos on Wednesday. 

I decided to combine the quotes about his goalkeeping here, since they didn't really fit the feature piece I wrote for ESPNFC.

Xolos coach Farias on Jaime

We had the sort of game today that I think deserved better luck for our side. We had two balls saved off the line.

Galaxy coach Bruce Arena

A couple of dangerous plays, but for the most part, our backline held up well. To be able to come out with a clean sheet was a positive.

Jaime had a good night, came up with a couple of saves - I think a couple weren’t counted because they put the flag up.

We’re ahead. Jaime is coming into the prime of his career. We think he’s going to get better, at this point. I’d like to believe that the position is strong for us.

Galaxy defender AJ De La Garza on Jaime

Jaime saved us a couple of times and Marcelo saved one off the post. We weathered the storm and got out of here with a win.

He’s someone you can count on. The one ball he saved off the line, I thought that was in. I had stopped running already. I was nowhere close to it. But he came out of nowhere and slapped it away. He can make those plays. You count on a goalkeeper to make those saves that can keep you in a game and he did that tonight.

Jaime on that save

I too, thought the ball was going in, but my body didn’t want to accept that and was already running back to do whatever I could. Some might say, oh, I knew I was going to get there and save it, but I won’t lie. I knew I hadn’t hit the ball out far enough, and I was already moving there, and luckily I was able to save it.

I remember most Omar’s face, but what’s important is that the ball didn’t go in.

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