Monday, March 17, 2014

Live-Blogging - Sorta - DWTS

I know, it's already played on the East Coast, and the soccer connection is tenuous at best - but hey, there's Drew Carey! Part owner of the Seattle Sounders in MLS. And I'm sick, watching on the couch, so might as well. 

Ok, the intros are done! I already have high hopes for Drew, he was lively when he came out, not too stiff, like poor Billy Dee.

NeNe Leakes dances first with Tony Dovolonti. She's game, but awkward. She seems as if she'd rather stand in one place and shake it than do any steps. 
The judges are usually generous with the scoring in the early going. Len likes it, wants more hip action. Bruno wants to see more, commends energy, notes footwork was lacking, Carrie likes her personality - needs to dance bigger. I think she needs to use her core more, rather than just sticking her leg out for the steps.   
Anyway, her score is: 7 7 7 = 21 Pretty generous. 

Drew is next! I wonder if he will wear a Sounders jersey during the practice sessions. 

Hmmm, it's this James Maslow guy. Peta is upset because he stood her up. I dunno, I don't follow kids music these days. Git off my lawn, I guess. Anyway, Pete pulls it together to teach him the foxtrot. He's not bad, but kinda stiff. No flow, very careful. 
Bruno likes the effort - wants him to breathe, glide more. Yeah, flow, dude. Carrie Ann thinks he is cute - well, yeah, he's wearing blush. Or he looks like it. Len is more critical, calls him eye candy. "Attempted the footwork" tells him he needs to work on frame.  I guess the Drew announcement was a mistake. 7 7 7 =21 Fair.

Danica McKeller from the Wonder Years. Math whiz! She looks great, by the way. Also needs to move more from her core, rather than throwing her arms around. Her hair is also getting caught in her mouth. She has a good frame in hold, though. Finishes the foxtrot with a cheeky kiss to Bruno. I hope she gets an 8. Carrie criticizes her shoulders, wants her to harness her energy. Len wants her to loosen the left shoulder in hold, Bruno is too flattered by the kiss to to criticize anything, except he wants her to control things more. 8 8 8 = 24 Fair - and she is really happy about it. 

NHL - Sean Avery doesn't seem like a bad boy - he seems like a bot. Very monotone in his delivery. Karina thinks he's funny. He seems like a zombie. Weird. But he is strong enough to lift her up to make some of the contemporary moves look good. I will probably crack up when he dances Latin, but right now, his frozen intensity works for this dance. Len calls him the Iceman! Len and I are vibing. Bruno is also surprised, calls him "powerful". Sean stares down every judge. I'd be a little freaked. Carrie is "fascinated", which is probably polite for the same thing. 7 6 7=20
Sean said he expected 9s. Erin Andrews has no idea how to handle that. She kind of ignores it, like she did Richard Sherman. 

Billy Dee is stiff. Well, he has arthritis. Well, he's old. Poor guy. He's doing a Cha Cha to the Star Wars theme. He is so going to be kicked off - so they pull this out before he goes. He is just walking, no hip action at all. He also looks like he is wearing pajamas. Bruno makes a Force joke. Crowd is fond of Billy. Carrie stumbles over her criticism, she says more is needed. Len has a soft spot for the old dude, too. He's probably getting 4s. 5 5 5 =15 Billy thanks the audience for booing the score. But otherwise, he doesn't seem too bothered. 

Meryl has a baby voice, but she doesn't seem intimidated by Maksim at all. Maks is happy at how well she spins. But they're doing cha cha, and I don't see enough hip action. Shake that lil booty, Meryl. Len and Carrie like it. Bruno loves the spins and precision. 8 8 8 =24 Meryl seems a bit puzzled to be tied with the mathematician. 

Candace Cameron Bure has a lot of slogans, but she is in pretty good shape. They don't move around lot on the floor, but she gets into the lifts well and doesn't get out of sync. That's pretty much all I watch for in contemporary. 9 8 8 =25. Meryl should be pissed, but Candace is happy. 

Is Drew going on last? Dang. I wanted to quit blogging after his dance. Anyway, it's Cody Simpson and a new pro, Whitney. He is kind of gawky. But once the music starts, he moves pretty well. Bruno of all people, picks on the footwork. Len likes the energy. Carrie the chemistry. 7 7 8 =22 He's ok with that. 

Drew is next. He's dancing with Cheryl.  Cheryl starts Drew off by focusing on his core. He's got a good attitude and humor about it. He's dressed like the Monopoly dude and dancing to Money. He's enthusiastic, even if his footwork gets off. Carrie calls him the "crowd-pleaser" Len also praises him, Bruno calls him "entertaining". 

Ok, the TheraFlu is kicking in, so off to dreamland after Drew's scores. Drew is fanning Cheryl with Monopoly money. 7 7 7 = 21 Drew is fine with it, but the crowd boos. Drew is positive about the experience and the score puts him right in the pack. He should be on for a while. Remember to vote (honestly, I never have, but whatever)

Off to bed. . . 

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