Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Xolos - Galaxy Quote Clash

The second leg of the CONCACAF Champions League quarterfinal is here! Today the Galaxy and Tijuana Xolos face off in Estadio Caliente in TJ to see who moves on. In honor of the occasion, I'm posting here all the quotes from the first game in LA that I haven't already used in articles or posts

Tijuana Coach Cesar Faria
On the second leg
I think we can overturn the result in Tijuana.
Overview of game
In the first half, the Galaxy played with more energy, which we expected. We made a mistake that cost us a goal.  In general, the balance was very good. We had the chance to tie, and to score more than one goal.
Why didn't Benedetto start?
Dario didn’t start because he has an injury in his Achilles tendon, and if we don’t care for it, we’re going to lose him to that. He was very close to scoring. In the last game, he left because he was injured.
Worried about goal deficit?
This is not a 90 minute series. We’re going to play at home against the Galaxy, and we’re very confident at home.
Tijuana support from fans?
It was spectacular. It gave our players enthusiasm for 90 minutes. Now we have to finish things out in our house and we expect even more support there.
Joe Corona's performance
He’s an important player for us. He did everything we asked him to do. We took him out when he was a little tired. With a little bit more luck he would have had a goal.

Bruce Arena, Galaxy coach
Thoughts on game
It was a good win for our team against a good opponent. I’m pleased at the position we’re in. Tonight was a pretty even game. Tijuana pushed us really hard in the second half.
A couple of dangerous plays, but for the most part, our backline held up well. To be able to come out with a clean sheet was a positive.
Expectations in Tijuana?
It’ll be difficult. Obviously, another goal would have benefitted our team, but it’s still nice going there with an advantage and not giving up a road goal. We’re well aware of the fact that Tuesday it’ll be a difficult game, but we’’ll be ready.
New signing Samuel?
He’s done well, he really has. I could have kept him in longer tonight. I just thought we needed to get some fresh legs into the midfield. He’s adjusted well. He’s very opportunistic around goal. He’s got a good nose for the goal and he’s only going to get better as he understands the league and our team better.
Turf of Tijuana?
We are well aware of the fact that we will be playing on an artificial field. We do in our league as well. We’re accustomed to it.
Why did Tijuana dominate second half?
They’re chasing the game and they’re putting pressure on us to score a goal. Clearly, at this point in the year, the Mexican clubs are more match fit, certainly. You could see we struggled a bit in the second half.
What lessons were learned from last year's loss to Monterrey?
We said at halftime that, if anything, the zero remains there. We were smart enough not to concede. Last year against Monterrey, we were too aggressive in looking for the second goal and opened ourselves up and we lost the game. Winning at home is important. Gettting a clean sheet is very important. We’re not in a great position, but we’re in a good position.

A.J. De la Garza
On atmosphere
I thought it was pretty decent for a Wednesday night. It wasn’t disappointing, but I wished there were more LA Galaxy fans. I can’t complain. I know our fans have to work.  It’s not easy. We got out of here with a win.
On playing Tijuana
I hope we can play them more often. They’re a good team and a different look than we play in MLS. We’re so close to one another, we hope we can play them more and become rivals.
Remembering Monterry game
Last year, we lost the game here. Late in the game we got tired and we gave up two goals.
The second half
They had us on our heels. They came after us and put numbers up top. They were close. As a defensive unit we did well. We’ve got to bring that mentality to Tijuana.
What the CCL means
It’s pretty high up there. We have to represent ourselves and the league. We were saying in the locker room, we’ve got to win this whole thing. We’re capable. We’ve just got to go out and do it.

Landon Donovan, Galaxy midfielder
On the game
We played pretty well in the first half. They played very well in the second half. Physically we need to be better. It’s still early in the season for us.
On Monterrey
We learned a lot. We were winning, 1-0, then we lost. This time, we’re going to TIjuana with an advantage.
Is team in shape to win?
With each game, we’re a little bit better. We need to give everything in the second game.

Jaime Penedo, Galaxy goalkeeper
It’s bit strange. It’s usually full here, and full of only Galaxy fans. Tonight, there were issues about how many were permitted, and there was a lot of red, but that’s the game. Tijuana is close by, and they’re a very popular club.
On game
I would have liked us to score more, but we did get the victory. We have to basically forget about the advantage that we have and play our game.
How did it feel to start the season with the team?
I feel good. It was a strange preseason, because I’m not used to not playing for so long. I hurt myself in the preseason, actually, but I worked hard to come back.

Marcelo Sarvas, Galaxy midfielder
It was great. It was great to see the rivalry with the fans.
On Samuel
Samuel is from Brazil and he’s improving. He’s a forward and he takes chances. He got into a good position and that’s what a good forward does.
Lessons from last year
Last year we had to score when we went there and this year, we have an advantage of one goal. So we can manage the game a little bit differently. If we keep them at zero over there, we will qualify to the next round. We don’t know what’s going to happen, but we’re going with that advantage, and that’s better than not having it.

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