Sunday, March 16, 2014

Paul's Perspective

Paul Arriola lives in Chula Vista and plays with the Tijuana Xolos. Despite the team losing to Cruz Azul on Saturday, he played the whole game and notched an assist, as well as a yellow card.

I talked to him on Wednesday when he was in LA, and included some of his quotes in my ESPN article. Here's what else he said.

On returning to LA, where he was once a Galaxy Academy player
I was really excited to come back. I pushed myself to be ready to come back to play, but unfortunately, I wasn’t ready to come back. I wish I would have been able to play, but hopefully, there will be more times in the future.

On how the CONCACAF Champions League ranks as priority:
This is our #1. We put out the strongest team we could have today. On the weekend, I think you’ll see a different team. I think we’re going to rest some of our key players, specifically for the next matchup.

On Liga MX vs MLS:
For me, being an American, I’d never been involved with the Mexican league before. It was a place I wanted to go to try to earn more minutes. I wanted to develop. If you look at all the youth Mexican teams, all those kids are through the ranks of their Mexican clubs. But it has nothing to do with if MLS is better than Liga MX. I think MLS is a great league. I would have loved to stay, but the circumstances weren’t in my favor at the time. I decided to go down south, stay at home and live a teenage dream, somewhat - in terms of living at home and playing professional soccer. I’ve enjoyed it so far and hope to gain more minutes and starting time.

Has Coach Farias indicated when Arriola may start again:
Not yet. I’m pushing to make the squad on Saturday. I’m looking to earn my spot back again by working hard in practice.

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