Monday, April 9, 2012

Week Five Rankings

Okay, I tried to figure out this week's power rankings. It's not a science and there is no formula, but I tried my best to figure out some sort of formula. No matter how you rank em though, I think it's safe to say that RSL and Sporting KC would top most... well they should top all power rankings out there right now, and the schedule gods have complied with a table-topping matchup at Livestrong Sporting Park as RSL visit Sporting KC on the weekend.

But before we get into those matchups...

1. Sporting KC: A perfect start, 15 out of a possible 15 points. They've earned this perch
2. Real Salt Lake: Gotta hand it to 'em, RSL improved tremendously from Wednesday to Saturday
3. San Jose: Broke through the vaunted Whitecaps backline... ok, Vancouver's record-setting defense
4. Seattle: Burch could've raised the ultimate middle finger, but Seattle's point is well-earned nonetheless
5. New York: Dominant performance on the road against tricky opponent; not bad
6. Houston: Houston... Houston... oh yeah, I remember them. Kinnear's team.. yeah, that's right...
7. Colorado: Say what you will about Espindola's handball but marking on Saborio's goal was nonexistent
8. Chicago: Some teams have played six games already; Chicago is one of two to have played three
9. FC Dallas: Late heroics vs New England, could be massive confidence-booster
10: Chivas USA: This team's not nearly as bad as many thought it would be
11. New England: What a heartbreaking defeat; draw vs Dallas would've been just
12. LA Galaxy. Had em way too low last week (brain fart?) but they're certainly not Top 10 material
13. Columbus: A complete whipping at hands of New York; was that an aberration?
14. Vancouver: So you were saying how this defense was grandiose... 
15. DC United: DC vs Dallas - four goals; DC's other four games - one goal
16. Montreal: Félicitations pour cette victoire historique
17. Portland: Ownership talked about playoffs before season began; how about competing first?
18. Philadelphia: Wonder if the Union found their offense on their off weekend
19. Toronto FC: 45 minutes away from CCL final, an eternity away from MLS Cup playoffs

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