Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Lopes Deal Smacks Of Desperation

Is this what desperation looks like?

The LA Galaxy traded a promising young talent in Paolo Cardozo for a guy who is a big physical specimen in David Junior Lopes.

Cardozo may not have had much on-the-field success with the Galaxy but the youngster has a decent upside. He could flourish for Chivas quickly as Robin Fraser likely won't have the type of clamps on him that Galaxy coach Bruce Arena did.

In Lopes though the Galaxy get a guy who has a good center back body but is a liability. He played just eight games with Chivas last year but made no great impact. He did not play in any games this season as Chivas opted for a starting duo of Rauwshan McKenzie and Heath Pearce in central defense. Newcomer John Valencia, who was supposed to come in and contend for a starting center back spot, has yet to make his league debut because the McKenzie-Pearce pairing has been solid. This made Lopes expendable.

Arena also hopes that Lopes can help stop the bleeding in the back. The Galaxy have played six games and have allowed 12 goals. Tommy Meyer and Andrew Boyens have each started three and neither has been strong enough to snatch that starting spot for good. The next option in central defense was Sean Franklin - at least until Leonardo is healthy - unless Arena was willing to put Bryan Gaul in there, and Gaul has only played center back since the start of training camp.

This lack of presence in the middle of course prompted the move. Had either Boyens or Meyer found true success in the backline, this trade probably would not have happened. Instead, Boyens/Meyer have not been good enough to keep opponents from scoring consistently.

Thus, the deal. But Lopes won't help the Galaxy defense much, unless Arena is somehow able to tap into Lopes' tremendous physical stature. Until then, the Galaxy defense may be up to its old tricks once more.

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Ramiro said...

I am of the opinion that Dunivant should be slotted in the middle of the defense and DeLaGarza out wide on the left. More speed on the wing, more height in the middle. Yes, you lose the crossing that Dunivant provides, but DeLaGarza is a decent passer himself and though I don't see him crossing in with his left, I do see him providing decent service by cutting it back to his right, ala Beckham on the left.

Sad to see Cardozo go though. I guess Leonardo isn't as healthy as was originally thought.