Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Week Five Picks, Part I

Nothing says MLS like midweek matches. We have two games here to pick this week, one each on Wednesday and Thursday night. I fared okay last weekend, not bad I suppose. Anyway, let's see how I fare with the appetizers for what will be another full plate of games on the weekend.

Real Salt Lake vs Montreal

On paper this looks like a lopsided matchup. And in reality, it looks like a lopsided matchup. When this one's over, everyone will say what a lopsided matchup this was. Sure, there are no sure things in soccer but RSL is all but a lock to win this one. Montreal have played three times on the road thus far, and have yielded nine goals in those two games. New York had their way with Montreal on Saturday, scoring four unanswered goals at one point. If there is a positive to Montreal, it's that the club has scored first in two of their games. RSL meanwhile has already lost at home, dropping a 1-0 result to Chivas USA their last time out. Might that bode well for Montreal? Hardly. The last time RSL lost two consecutive home matches was in 2007. RSL wins this one easily.

FC Dallas vs New England

I didn't see the Revolution as being a contender this season, or being very competitive at all. Now, they enter FC Dallas Stadium on a two-game winning streak. For a team that has had a meager 60 points combined the last two seasons, that's a great deal. But New England may look better entering this game because of their performance last time out, but they demolished a team that had a host of problems and frankly that made them look better than they are. To counter my own counter, though, the Revs are facing a team in FC Dallas that is a shell of its former self. This is not the team that surprised the league to reach MLS Cup 2010, nor is it the side that was on its way towards another MLS Cup until the bottom fell out late last summer. This team is slow and static and lacks that dynamic play that was their hallmark from the most recent successful stretch. Still, to expect the Revs to win three consecutive games after having played as poorly as they have in the last several years is asking too much. This one's a draw.

Week Three Record: 5-4

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