Wednesday, January 10, 2007

LateNight InterLiga

Last night was a bit hectic, tiring and aggravating all the same time. When Necaxa beat Tigres 1-0 in the first of two InterLiga games, it meant that the Cruz Azul-Monterrey game would have life. Cruz Azul needed a two-goal win to advance to one of the two InterLiga finals on Saturday.

Well, the game was supposed to have life. Instead, it was as dull as a butter knife. Dreadfully boring, and there's nothing more difficult to write about and sit through than a dreadfully boring soccer game here at Home Depot Center because it gets downright cold up here in the press box. Heck, my fingers are cold as I'm typing this (Morelia's up 2-1 on Tecos in the 50th minute right now... ooh, nice save by Moises Munoz).

Anyway, I figured the post-game would be worth it. Cruz Azul has some quality players like Jared Borgetti and Gerardo Torrado that would be worth talking too. So after Cruz Azul crashes out of InterLiga, they took their sweet time in the locker room. All the media is down there waiting, most of us waiting for Borgetti. After about 20-25 minutes, Monterrey players start to walk through the mixed zone so I jump in on an interview with Luis Perez. I had one ear on what he was saying and both eyes on the tunnel, awaiting for Borgetti. So after that makes me woozy, I go to the opposite side of the mixed zone where, sure enough, Cruz Azul is trying to sneak out the back way. The horde of media quickly assembles on one end of the mixed zone and I'm fighting with TV cameras and a multitude of print media and even some autograph seekers - I don't know how they get down there.

So right away I pretty much give up on even trying to ask him a question or even to try and get my digital recorder near Borgetti. So, of course, I start to snap some pictures instead. What the hell? I might as well get something out of the 30 minutes I wasted down there.