Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Zippy Shot

My friend Kimleigh is looking to buy a car, and has decided that she must have something "zippy".

I asked for exactly what that meant, and she said, "It has to feel energetic, agile, like it's going to go places with no problem."

That definition for zippy puts a finger on what is missing from the USA squad right now. I realize there were a host of unconverted chances versus Guadeloupe. I'm not ignoring those opportunities that weren't converted.

However, there's a weariness and effort and frustration to the squad that doesn't bode well, especially against their next Gold Cup opponent Jamaica, who are riding high off their excellent teamwork and performance thus far.

The US is definitely going to have to pick it up to avoid a loss.

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john said...

AC- the stories have alrady been written by IG and JC. The US, after being left for dead, rally to defeat Mexico in the final. There is much rejoicing by US soccer fans and commentators about what a great coach the Bob is.

Maybe it was Bob's idea all along to put the US backs against the wall and watch them fight back. The likes of Donovan, Dempsey, Howard, Cherundolo, and now you can add Jones, always do.