Thursday, June 30, 2011

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Christine Sinclair is wearing an awesome face mask, but if it gets loose, it could be hard for her to do those quick turn and shoots.
Players are in the tunnel. The mask does look pretty snug on Sinclair. The camera is finding a lot of Canadian fans in the stands, as compared to the previous game versus Germany.
France's players are the underdogs here, though the teams are ranked close together.
"Oh, Canada, we stand on guard for thee!"
Aux armes, citoyens,
Formez vos bataillons!

1 - Oops, ESPN graphic was wrong - McLeod is still in goal for Canada.
2 - Bompastor is tricky player, in contrast to Canada's more direct attack.
5 -Sloppy France handball gives Canada a freekick chance, but desperate defending denies Sinclair on the attack that follows kick.
6 - On the other end, McLeod comes out for a France break.
8 - France trying to go over the top of the defense, but they're much shorter than the Canadian backline.
11 - It may be a weird sentiment, but I don't think Canada plays as well in their white unis as they do in their red ones.
15 - Matheson blows a chance in the box, taking an extra touch after reaching the ball, instead of just firing. Ruthless, Matheson, you have to be ruthless.
16 - Like Abily there, kicking on Schmidt while on the ground. Ruthless, though not very sporting.
19 - France is holding strong against Canada - who look frustrated.
22 - McLeod out of her box again to kill a France attack.
24 - GOAL! Thiney! Necib stole a ball and got it to Bompastor, I think, whose shot bounced up to a ready Thiney, whose header popped over McLeod as she came out. 1-0 France.
26 - McLeod might have done better to hold her line and try to stop the shot.
27 - Two losses and Canada is likely eliminated.
29 - Delie creating worlds of trouble for Canada's defense.
31 - Necib with a quality outside shot that forced McLeod into a great save.
32 - The ensuing corner leads to another. Canada's players are clearly shocked that they're in their own end so much. They finally clear it.
34 - Fantastic build-up play from France, but Delie just misses on the header.
36 - Chapman's freekick easily cleared - Canada just isn't threatening France right now.
37 - Seriously, this game is Exhibit A for how Morace's on the ground approach for Canada may not be as effective as Pellurud's direct approach was.
49 - Because so far, France is much better on the ground than Canada.
50 - Matheson with Canada's first shot of the match. It's wide.
40 - Sinclair from distance, misses even worse.
42 - France back near Canada's goal. They earn a corner.
43 - Canada escape that threat, but they look baffled by France, still.
44- Necib almost has an Olympic goal, bending it from the corner kick, but McLeod barely punches it out.
45 - France look closer to scoring a second than Canada does to equalize.

Halftime: The problem with some teams with a big star player like Sinclair is that they take their cue from that one star so entirely, that they don't regroup well when that star is hobbled for any reason. Canada should have another plan of attack besides Sinclair.
That said, Canada could just be really tired. They toiled mightily versus Germany. France had an easier start, though Nigeria is a lively team.
Pia talking openly about here lineup options again - Lory Lindsey might come in for Boxx or Carli Lloyd. It could be that Boxx needs a rest.
46 - Teams are back on the field - let's see if Canada can regroup.
47 - Thiney holds the ball well against one of Canda's best players, Schmidt.
48 - Sinclair clatters into the goalkeeper Sapowicz
49 - Delie in the box again, but she can't catch up to a long pass.
50 - Canada with a long shot. Wide. They're rushing everything, not building up play.
51 - Necib in the box, but a Canada defender takes the ball away.
52 - Sapowicz gets Matheson sliding into her face in the box, which gets Matheson a yellow. Sapowicz is tough, most goalkeepers would have cleared that ball with their feet, instead of risking their face by diving in there.
54 - Delie in the box with a driving shot, but right at McLeod.
57 - Kyle with a poor shot ruins a good Canada buildup.
59 - Sinclair charges into the box, but for some strange reason, doesn't shoot and ends up passing to no one.
60 - GOAL! Thiney again! A bad clearance out of the box, provoked by a pesky Delie, falls to Thiney, who cracks a shot that ricochets in to the goal off the right post. No chance for McLeod. 2-0 France.
64 - Canada look far more defeated than they ever did versus Germany.
65 - Ugh, Feligno beats her defender into the box, then straights slips on the ball itself, and balls down before she can shoot.
66 - GOAL! Abily heads in a great ball from a France corner. Goodnight, Canada. Nice knowing you. 3-0 France
67 - Feligno in the box again, gets ball to Sinclair, who shoots, and misses. Nothing going right for Canada now.
68 - Sinclair in the box again, but France's swarming defense won't let her shoot. The pass to Feligno gets cut off.
73 - Canada can't buy a final pass to save their lives.
75 - Freekick for Canada is ruined by an offside.
77 - Canada look clueless. France is playing a blinder of a match.
79 - Hero Thiney is out, perhaps to rest her up for that third game versus Germany. Bolleau comes in.
80 - OUCH! Bompastor cleared a ball off Sinclair's face mask. She goes down, takes off the mask, and bleeds on the field. That's got to hurt.
83 - GOAL! I'll bet this hurts worse. Necid with a perfect pass over the defense for the speedy Thomis, who takes a touch past McLeod, then rolls the ball into goal. 4-0 France.
85 - - France look more likely to score a 5th than Canada looks to get a consolation.
87 - Tancredi in the box, Bompastor prevents the shot.
88 - Corner bounces dangerously in the box, but France clear.
89 - DeCicco with great insight on how France has been "the better team". Uh, 4-0, ya think?
90 - Les Bluettes have dominated, no doubt about it. Canadians, should Morace stay on?

Final whistle sounds! Boy, was that a beat down for the 2015 hosts. Allez France.

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