Sunday, June 26, 2011

Other Reactions

After spotting him in the pressbox, I was curious about what LA Times writer Bill Plaschke would write about - given that he hasn't shown much interest or knowledge about soccer in the past. Here's his take.

Kevin Baxter wrote on the match itself, but his piece didn't contain his joke about Chuck Blazer's resemblance to Fat Bastard from the Austin Powers films.

Simon Evans focused on a rather negative comment by Tim Howard (which seemed to confirm that I was right in my guess that Howard was really rattled by the Mexico fans. Weak.)

Martin Rogers is on Bob Bradley USA coaching deathwatch.

Grant Wahl (and others) refuted Howard's accusation of Fernando Fiore speaking only Spanish on his Twitter. Grant, who sat next to me in the pressbox, also had a reaction piece to the game.

Luis was on assignment for the Press Enterprise.


Jorge haha said...
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Anonymous said...

i didn't see anything on Shane Evans article referring to Howard being rattled by their fans. It quotes him being disappointed the ceremony was only in Spanish, which frankly i agree with him.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 7:07. The ceremony was not only I'm Spanish though- so howard's claim that it was is false.

As an Anglo American who went to the Gold Cup semis and enjoyed myself immensely - it saddens me that some of the articles about the final on CA and a good number of comments by US soccer fans are used as a platform to bash the fans who were cheering for Mexico and filled with exaggerated claims and snide comments about immigration