Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Random Observations - WWC Sweden - Colombia

I think the Swedish team needs to bring back the team-wide braided pigtails they sported to a third-place finish in 2003. They need the mojo.

They're scoreless against Columbia through the first half hour.

30 - Rincon tries a free kick from way outside. Hmm. Colombia is scrappy, but they look exhausted already in the heat. There's sixty minutes to go still.

More breakfast of champions today - puff pastry with sriracha sauce. Almost as much of an eyeopener as coffee, which I can't seem to find this morning.

35 - This match could indeed be the transfer of power game - where South America starts to emerge and the Nordic countries recede in the women's game.

36 - Lotta Schelin needs to work on her first touch - it's as bad as Ibrahimovic's right now.

39 - Columbia with a daring dribble run, but less confident in getting a shot off on goal.

43 - Yikes. Sandra Sepulveda bobbled the ball in the box there - nearly gave it up for a goal.

45 - Colombia trying to hang on as Sweden make a final push.

Halftime - Colombia make it - the frustrated body language of the Swedish players shows they're surprised by the new world order of the women's soccer scene - South America is no longer a chump.

Briana Scurry commenting on Hope Solo on the halftime show? Bob Ley sneaks in a snarky bit about how Solo speaks her mind, but otherwise, the 2007 incident with Scurry isn't mentioned. The blog was all over the scandal back then, though, if you care to search through the archives. Lots of reader feedback. Looking back, do any of you feel differently now that the time has passed?

oh wow. We're getting a history lesson on the firebombing of Dresden. Is this appropriate in a short segment of a halftime show? It wasn't badly done, but it's a rather important subject crammed into a short period, and doesn't even touch on Dresden's main controversy - was the city the victim of an ammunition dump by Allies who already knew the war was won?

55 - Back to the game and it's more of the same. Sweden coming close with chances, Colombia barely escaping, but hanging on to the clean sheet so far.

56 - Landstrom misses from in close. She screams in frustration.

57 - GOAL! Schelin feels Landstrom on a mini-break and Landstrom pokes it home. 1-0 Sweden.

72 - Colombia look more than exhausted - a bit destroyed, as they give up a dangerous freekick, but Sweden hits the wall on the chance.

Fulltime - Colombia didn't embarrass themselves, but Sweden got their win.

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