Sunday, June 26, 2011

Women's World Cup - Germany - Canada

I slept in, because I was at the Gold Cup final, so I've already missed the host country's opening goal.

It was a header, though, by Kristen Garefrekes in the 10th minute. Germany leads, 1-0

19 - Matheson with an outside try at the equalizer. Deflected for a corner, which is cleared.

24 - Back and forth stuff - Canada fighting to equalize, Germany countering hard.

25 - Germany corner is cleared by Canada.

27 - I think new fans watching the Women's World Cup may be startled by the fact that Canada is a solid contender versus Germany. They're a good team. The quality in the women's game doesn't follow the men's rankings in many cases.

29 - McLeod collects a long-range shot.

30 - Matheson has another crack from distance. Over the bar.

31 - Garefrekes is offside. Her hairstyle is actually hard to pull off - a parted in the middle ponytail. Mine won't stay down that way. Most players are sporting ponytails pulled straight back. That's easier to manage.

33 - Sinclair is tackles. She's definitely being targeted by Germany. They're not letting her breathe.

35 - Canada in deep, but Germany counter quickly. Canada goes back and Angerer smothers a shot.

36 - Think the USA had a hostile crowd in the Gold Cup final? Not compared to Canada in Germany's opener as the host country in the Women's World Cup. Even the announcer's are saying they can't spot a single Canada fan. C'mon, there's got to be a maple leaf flying in the stadium somewhere.

39 - Sinclair nearly pulls off a precise through ball to Tancredi. Germany counter and McLeod is out for the save in traffic.

40 - Outside shot by Behringer over the Canada goal.

41 - Canada takes a short corner. Germany clear it anyway.

43 - GOAL! The offside trap is totally sprung by Okinyino D Mbabi - Canada steps wrong, a perfect pass comes it and the run is fantastic. Mbabi finishes coolley past McLeod. 2-0, Germany leads.

45 - Canada are more stunned than they were after the first goal. They really had the better of play for a bit. Didn't make it pay off, though.

Halftime - Canada need to regroup. As Mexico has shown, one can come back from 2-0 down, but it's a bit of a mental killer to give up the second goal right before the half.

46 - Kelly Parker is in, so is Gayle to replace Nault and Kyle.

52 - Goalmouth scramble, but Canada finally clear the ball.

53 - Foudy is right - Darke is wrong. Mbabi fell down in the box, but it wasn't a dive. She tripped over her own feet.

54 - Foudy is wrong that women don't dive, however. Marta is good at it. To be fair, she also gets hacked a lot without getting the call.

56 - Alexandra Popp is in for Prinz. I think I remember her with the U16 Germany team. I feel old. Popp, might now, too, as she falls hard on her back after a tackle and gets up holding her lower back like a senior citizen.

60 - Canada's players have lost their spark. Germany firmly in control now.

67 - Wow. Garefrekes misses an open goal stunner. Over the goal with the net gaping before here. Shocker.

70 - Germany still pressing. Fatima Bajramaj - very popular player, comes in for Germany.

72 - Germany fans celebrating - with all the emotion in the huge stadium, Canada might count itself lucky to end up only with a two goal loss.

74 - Canada having a lot of trouble with possession.

77 - Off the bar! Laudehr from outside. Germany sizzling in this match. They should be up by more.

79 - Grings tries to make that happen, but McLeod makes the save.

80 - Timko in for Tancredi.

81 - Laudehr with a late tackle on Sinclair, who sets up for the free kick. and SCORES! GOAL! CANADA! 2-1. An awesome, efficient free kick, with just the needed amount of bend and power. The stadium is stunned.

83 - Sinclair is such a warrior. Game on, because Germany let Canada escape too often before.

85 - Kulig cracks one from outside. The fans are still in shock. The stadium isn't rollicking the way it was before.

87 - Canada nearly pulls off a tricky short corner for the equalizer.

89 - Germany's composure is returning a bit. They're on the attack now.

90 - Sinclair gets fouled, but this freekick is far out. Germany gets a counter, but when Laudehr finally takes a shot, it's way over again.

90+ Angerer collects the ball from a corner.

Fulltime! Germany holds on, but it's not quite the triumphant victory march it previously looked to be. Canada scrapped to keep it close.

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