Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Robbie Rogers - on the Past, on Today

The Today Show is covering the 3m price for the Cowardly Lion costume. Then the YouTube video of the eagle flying into the stadium - Now Robbie!

Maria Shriver introduces him as a "star" of the Galaxy. Eh, ok. I'd say the stars are LD, Keane, OGonzo, maybe Penedo. Robbie could make it into the unsung heroes ranks of the Galaxy with Juninho, Sarvas, de la Garza.

Fan favorite? Well, Robbie's getting there. Mike Magee was a fan favorite. Rogers had to overcome their affection for Magee and dislike of the trade. His early injuries didn't help. 

That's probably small potatoes to coming out of the closet. Rogers speaks on his family support and how he had to endure general slurs from coaches and teammates who used anything homosexual as a code for "wimpy" or "weak". Yeah, for many years, that's been typical jock-speak. Often female slurs are used the same way - "You kick like a girl!"

Clips of interviews are shown at the Galaxy's home stadium, Stub Hub. A.J. de la Garza and Brian Rowe vouch for Robbie's skills from a locker room interview. 

The Today segment closes with a photo of Robbie from his Palos Verdes school days, mention his new book and new contract with the Galaxy. They don't mention his new TV show, though. Probably because it's on a competing network. 

"Soccer Cup playoffs" - argh, Maria. MLS Cup playoffs. Oh well. To her slight credit, Shriver stumbled there like she wasn't quite sure it was right. It wasn't, but all is forgiven, Maria. Pretty nice piece on RR. 

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