Sunday, November 9, 2014

LA v Real Salt Lake - MLS Playoffs Running Blog

It's a scoreless draw coming in from the first leg, so it's all to play for here in LA. 

And they kick off!

3 - So far, just the mist that indicates it might be LD's last game has stood out. 
4 - Ishizaki gets clipped, isn't happy. 
5 - Gyasi Zardes goes wide on an attempt. Nerves showing a bit there. 
7 - Juninho from outside. Nothing doing. 
10 - RSL attack to Plata gets cut off, but Real starting to look more comfortable. 
11- Last game - WHATEVER! LD with the header finish to put Galaxy into the lead. 
14 - With the away goal in play, Galaxy need to consolidate this lead. 
15 - Which is something they didn't do versus Seattle here in Stub Hub not too long ago. 
16 - A nice chip cross by AJ de la Garza set up LD's goal, by the way. It was a fine one-touch volley. The entire build-up was good team play. 
17 - Robbie K's chip from distance goes too high. 
19 - It went out, but I like the hustle of Sarvas chasing that ball down. The little things matter in the playoffs. 
20 - Keane! He puts it in and that lead consolidation I mentioned? Done.  Pinpoint pass from LD. 
23 - It's hard to tell if RSL are discouraged or if the Galaxy are just steamrolling right now. Probably a bit of both. 
24 - ESPN Deportes spends some time explaining that Keane wasn't offside, even though it looked a bit like he was. 
26 - LD on the run at goal - shoots high, almost as high as that 2009 penalty shootout. This was presumably less painful. 
30 - That mask looks hot and painful. 
32 - Juninho earns a foul, so a Galaxy freekick - who to take? Ooh, a trick play that nearly led to a Omar header on goal. Not quite, though. 
34 - LD nearly sets up Sarvas for another goal - but last defender blocks shot. 
36 - Leonardo gets injured, is carted off the field. 
37 - He is replaced by Tommy Meyer and his mustache. This Movember thing is really a thing, folks. 
38 - Ishi leads the break, but LD's pass, can't quite make it to Keane and the attack dies. 

Here are some recent Jaime Penedo quotes I got that are a bit relevant tonight. 

I don’t ever want to want to feel relaxed. There’s a saying in Panama, “He who feels relaxed, loses.” I believe it. Here, the competition is tough, we have a tough coach - a winning coach. So that pushes you every day in training. I’m happy working with the defenders - they’re doing well, we’re practicing well together. I’m happy with them, but I’m not relaxed.

We’ve had injuries, and now we won’t have Omar, but there are also players who have been working hard all throughout the year, Meyer, Leo, and they hope to do well when given the opportunity.

42 - Right on cue, announcers praise Penedo's calm play. Then Keane nearly sets up a Zardes goal.
43 - Gyasi again nearly puts in another goal, but Nick Rimando saves well.

Halftime - The Galaxy came to play. RSL thinking about starting to do that in the second half.

47 - Keane should have done better on a shot there.
51 - Keane on the attack again, gets a corner opportunity. Waters himself off with a bottle as Ishi goes to take the corner.
52 - Corner eventually leads to a Juninho angled shot, but Nicky R is all over it.
53 - Landon with a good run and cross to Keane, who promptly hoofs it way over the goal.
55 - LD with another goal! This time he was selfish and took the run and the shot by himself. Nicely done. 3-0. Keane was the provider, almost as if to say sorry for the earlier miss.
58 - Penedo with a monster save. Keeping all the goals for his team so far.
60 - Penedo's effort show Galaxy aren't going to sleep on this lead like they did versus Seattle.
63- Marcelo Sarvas makes the run and gets rewarded! 4-0 Galaxy. Stomping RSL in the house of Stub.
65 - RSL on the attack, but Penedo is still on parry duty.
67 - Beckerman and Findley on the attack, but to no avail as the final line of the Galaxy pokes ball away.
70 - Galaxy counter has Keane, Zardes and LD on the run, but LD pulls up, preferring to kill a bit of time with possession.
71 - LD again! Keane with the chip pass, LD volleys it into the corner past Rimando. 5-0 Galaxy.
75- Come at me, bro. Tell me again that LD didn't deserve to go to the World Cup.
79 - Keane shoots high. He might have had a hat trick as well. But with the shooting high and all. His assist boots are on, though.
82 - LD gets a yellow for arguing with the referee. Alan Gordon comes on. LD might regret that yellow in the next round.
84 - Keane on the run, tries to pass to Gordo, but defense cuts that off.
87 - Gordo working the mustache look, too.
88 - Zardes hoofs long for Gordo, who helps Ishi get a corner out of it. Out of that, Gordo pings the ball off the post. Close to yet another goal.
90 - RSL still fighting for some goal of honor. But Galaxy counter quickly. The shot goes wide and the referee ends the suffering of the Salt Lakers.

Final thoughts - Galaxy dominant with a capital Donovan. 5-0 was a victory of massive proportions. Seattle probably up next, but Dallas may surprise. Night, all.

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