Thursday, November 20, 2014

Mike, LD and Awards of the Year

Landon Donovan has an interesting relationship with Latino fans, especially Mexican fans, who alternately love hating him and yet respect his play and his ability to speak to them in their language. 

But even so, it's interesting to see Donovan get nominated for a Univision award. If he wins and is at the ceremony, I'm sure he'll give a nice speech in Spanish. Just remember, LD, "deservo" is not a word in Spanish. 

One of the awards, I noticed, is best Tweet by an athlete. Can I just say, I have no idea how Mike Magee wasn't nominated for this stunner that called out both JK and his son and supported his former teammate, LD, after Donovan set the MLS record. It was subversive and devastatingly clever, like a phaser blast of truth. 

Most of all, it revealed Mike's courage. During his MVP year, quite a few advocated a USMNT callup for the MLS player. He basically willingly torpedoes that option in defense of his friend. 

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