Monday, November 24, 2014

Assessments - Everyone Has 'Em

I've been writing the Liga MX Best XI all Apertura long . Can I just say that few things make me feel more like a hack than the type of articles that are popular in sports now. 
Edgar Castillo, who now plays for Atlas

I blame Letterman and his Top Ten list. Or fantasy football. Either way, listicles are the popcorn of the Internet sports world. 

I mean, obviously, there's something valid in writing about which players did well over the weekend of games. But soccer isn't as quantifiable as other stats based sports, so there's quite a bit of conjecture and speculation on my part as I subjectively try to decide who makes the Best XI cut. 

There also isn't enough time for me to watch every Liga MX game, but I do try to catch the highlights. So I hope my judgments are fair. 

Just for fun, here's another writer's take on NY's Mike Petke's coaching. 

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