Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Canales and Moyes, Together!

I have actually met David Moyes before. Well, not in terms of having exchanged names, but we have sideline-watched the same practices a few times and he once nodded a greeting at me. 
Here's Moyes at USMNT practice

But more importantly, Moyes is bouncing back from the haunted-by-Fergie mess that was Manchester United by boldly going where few foreign coaches have gone before - Spain. It may not be as exotic as Bob Bradley in Egypt, but La Liga isn't a common route for English speakers, either. The Scott has pluck and guts and tactical knowledge as well. 

Plus, Moyes will be coaching my blonde cousin, Sergio Canales. 

Seriously, though, I do have roots in Basque country. My father's grandfather, so the story goes, was Basque. 
Already speaks Spanish!

It won't be easy for Moyesey, though. When I was in San Sebastian, I was a bit floored by all the Euskara in use. The menus in some places didn't have translations into Spanish. I can understand quite a bit of Catalan and Portuguese, so when I hear those languages, I can generally follow a simple conversation, but the Basque language is an isolate one, so I can't draw on the Latin roots of Spanish at all to help me. 

If Moyes needs help with his Spanish, though, or if he wants a handy, skilled player who picks up new languages well, I do know one that might be available for a new adventure. Moyes has counted on him before, too.  

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