Monday, April 25, 2011

Little Buddy Rankings (April 25)

As if anyone is surprised, the gap between teams is starting to show. Of course, the top three are probably the top three many had slotted that high before the season started - New York, LA, Real Salt Lake.

The first two had impressive shutout routs, over bad teams certainly but in combining for seven goals the two teams showed why there was so much hype over them before the year began. There's a chasm between the next batch of teams and then the falloff continues. Perhaps it will even out at some point but for now the top three have a wide gap and, to be honest, the gap between 1 and 2 is still vast.

1. Real Salt Lake - Quite possibly playing the biggest game any MLS team has ever played in, Wednesday vs. Monterrey in the CCL Final.

2. LA Galaxy - Is there offense back or is Portland's defense just that bad?

3. New York - If Red Bulls play like they did against San Jose, DC, they will be tough to beat.

4. Philadelphia - Took one for the team and agreed to move RSL match from last weekend to September.

5. Seattle - Life after Zakuani begins vs. Toronto on Saturday.

6. Columbus - Finally, an opponent breaks through, but even then Crew only yields one.

7. Colorado - All respect for Mullan has vanished.

8. Houston - Boswell loves scoring in Chicago - perhaps Fire should consider dealing for him.

9. FC Dallas - Ferreira's loss a blow but team's initial response was encouraging.

10. Portland - Chara, Cooper, Perlaza, Nagbe, Alhassani... the makings of a strong attack; Timbers are still crud defensively, though.

11. DC United - Unfortunate that Henry picked RFK Stadium to really figure out how to score in MLS.

12. Chivas USA - This team is better now than many give them credit for, and will continue to improve as season goes on.

13. Vancouver - Leathers, a poor man's version of Mullan.

14. New England - Feilhaber showed his value in setting up Perovic early on. Could become a star in the league very soon.

15. San Jose - No heart, no desire, no ideas... no wonder Yallop was so incensed at his team.

16. Chicago - Losing streak halted but winless streak reaches four.

17. Sporting KC - You know things are bad defensively when New England drops three on you.

18. Toronto - Scored a goal but paid stiff price for it.


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