Thursday, April 21, 2011

Barrett On The Mark

Chad Barrett has always been an enigma. He has all the tools to be a productive forward, gets himself in good spots during games but has been plagued with poor marksmanship.

He was able to set that aside for one match at least, as he scored his first LA Galaxy goal in Sunday's 2-1 win over Chicago. The goal wasn't as much about getting the monkey off his back as it was beneficial because he helped the team earn a victory.

He talked to the media a little bit about his goal against Chicago, why he chose to celebrate the way he did and a few other things. Andrea also mentions a bet she made regarding Barrett and an EPL star. The audio is down below.

As an aside, I'm trying this embed thing here and if it doesn't work, the link to the audio is here. And I'm not a fan of the iPod driving dude, but oh well.

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