Monday, March 12, 2012

Is This Thing On?

Hey, what's up? Thanks for reading.

I'm going to give this here trusty blog thing another go. An honest one. Not that I didn't do an honest one last time, in the second go-round here on Sideline Views, but the last time real work got in the way and since I don't get paid for this, I had to make a choice.

But lately things have changed. About two weeks ago, I had three outlets I wrote for -, The Press-Enterprise and a gambling site. They all paid about the same, so each was essentially one-third of my income. In the last two weeks, though, the gambling site dropped me (well, they didn't drop me in the traditional sense but they're out of action for the year which means so am I) and the PE's shift away from LA sports coverage has also forced me out a bit, if you will.

So I suddenly have some time on my hands.

I have no expectations for this go-round. I find that in life when I have go into something with no expectations, I actually do well but if I set myself up for expecting something by making expectations, I fail. I'm not going to get into a philosophical discussion here but I suppose what I'm saying is that I'm not trying to build something grandiose. It may be, probably won't be, but I don't know. I'm just going to re-discover my blogging voice and provide some opinion and insight for you, loyal reader.

I don't want to let you down, so I debated doing this for awhile since I know that if I do this, I've got to do it right. Otherwise I'll just come across as some giant douche.

Oh yeah, one more thing. Lest I forget, Andrea. I'm not going to say too much about her but I will say that she's lamentably not writing about soccer these days. If she had her druthers, she would be I'm sure. If she chimes in, great. If not, hopefully my prose will make up for that. It won't but I'll try.

So, on with the show.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back...

East River said...

Wow, just when I thought I should delete this bookmark you surprise with a hand of posts. I really miss the first incarnation of this favorite feature was the uploaded audio of interviews completely raw (Sideline Views Podcast if I remember correctly). Great stuff then my have time flies and things change. Give A.C. my regards.