Tuesday, August 2, 2011

No More Gloom And Doom

I just finished writing my column for The Press-Enterprise. Shockingly, it was on Bradley and Klinsmann and how the move was the correct one.

Now, I'll post a link when it's published but one of the points I made is one I've blogged about here. I translated the results from the Gold Cup over to World Cup qualifying and said that the U.S. would struggle to reach the World Cup if such results hold - wins vs. Canada, Guadeloupe, Jamaica, losses vs. Panama, Mexico; nine points from five home games means a longshot to reach the World Cup.

I think more than how the team looks or roster choices that went awry or even bad results (losses vs. Ghana, Mexico), what did Bradley in was this. Say what you will about how easy this region is, if you go in unprepared and not focused, it becomes quite difficult. Mexico found that out both in 2001 and 2009 when they struggled mightily in the early part of qualifying. The Americans would have found that out with a Bradley-led side in 2013 and unlike Mexico, the U.S. wouldn't have been able to rely on their home-field advantage for wins even in tough times (09 wins vs. Costa Rica, vs. Trinidad & Tobago).

It's this gloom and doom that led to the ouster, and this scenario Klinsmann will try to avoid.

With him in charge... well, it's tough to say right now what the team will look like. We will see what sort of team he puts together here before too long. But whatever squad Klinsmann selects, it will be entirely his, not a continuation of the Bradley era.

That alone is hopeful, right?

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