Saturday, August 20, 2011

Keane Debut Aftermath

Seems many think that Becks was juiced by Keane's addition to the squad.  
Keane has been invited to the post-game presser. Here he is now with Arena. 

"This was a hard game for us tonight. I thought San Jose was dangerous." Arena says. The coach says he thought the Galaxy looked tired at points, and it was good to get new players like Keane and Hejduk some work. "We're elated with Robbie. I think he had a great 70 minutes for us tonight."

Keane speaks. "All in all, we have to be pleased with the three points." 

Arena: He's a fit athlete and after he gets in a few games, he'll be in top shape. I wanted to give him as many minutes as I could. With this travel and time zone, it's not easy. 

Keane: When you go into a new team, it's always nice to score. When you play a few games without scoring, it can play with your mind.

On playing with David Beckham: When you play with good players, it's easy to play well. 

On what he expected of his non-famous teammates: I didn't expect anything, to be honest. As the games will go on, three or four games, I'll get to know the players better and a better understanding will make us a better team. 

On playing Henry and New York: It's a big game that I'm looking forward to, but first we have a big game on Thursday and then I'll look forward to that. 

On playing with emotion: I like to play with energy, I've always done that. I had a good night's sleep. I was delighted to get 90 minutes. 

On fans: It was fantastic. The reception I got, since I got to the airport was great. I hope I repaid them with a goal and that there's a lot more to come.

Arena: Over the next few years, I think MLS is going to attract a lot more players like Keane.

Keane, on expectations: I'll do the same I did tonight. I'm here to score goals.
On his celebration: I've been celebrating that way for 14 years. Where have you been?

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