Friday, December 12, 2014

What Price a Coach?

I dismissed the first reports of Gustavo Matosas signing as the new coach of Club America because it didn't make sense that any team would undercut a coach in the middle of a playoff run, with just the championship match yet to go. 

But more and more, the same news kept showing up, until, though still unverified by the team officially, there was too much smoke for me to pretend there was no fire under the butt of Antonio Mohamed. 

I couldn't help shaking my head about it even as I started to believe it. Why undercut a coach who still had work to do? Why couldn't any replacement work wait? How could the Club America administration risk a championship just to get rid of a coach a few days earlier? 

The basic question is - is getting Matosas worth risking the historic 12th championship for Club America? That's what's in danger now. 

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