Friday, December 12, 2014

Nguyenning and Grinning Through It All

So besides being a talented, versatile midfielder, Lee Nguyen is something of an Internet troll. Or at least, that was the conclusion some came to after the New England Revolution faithful were treated to a bit of a "scare" from their star player via his Twitter account. 

The original Tweet has been deleted, which is rather odd in itself if everything is innocent and Nguyen is staying put. Here is Seth's retweet, though, which still contains all of Nguyen's original text.

One reason that Revs fans were panicking is that Nguyen has indeed been linked to possibilities abroad, namely Southampton, where he could reunite with his former PSV coach Ronald Koeman. Still, I don't know whether to take that rumor seriously when an article like this one puts up a photo clearly NOT of Nguyen.

But just when Revs fans seemed to be approaching DEFCON 1 of frustration and fury - besides five MLS Cups, the team has lost Clint Dempsey and Juan Agudelo to transfers abroad - Nguyen seemed to calm the waters, posting a pic of a cut-off ponytail, presumably his. That tweet is still up. 

So the big decision was just to cut off his trademark long hair, right? Ha, good joke. 

Except I wasn't sure. The ponytail was placed with the logo of Nguyen's agent, the powerful Wasserman Group, in the background. I thought that was odd. In a tweeted reply, I took a guess that a trade was still in play. I wondered if anyone would agree with me. 

Then Nguyen favorited my tweet. Had he done that because I guessed right? But then he deleted his favoriting - all I have as proof is the email that Twitter sent me about it. I've posted a pic here. 

So, do I have any solid evidence that Nguyen is going anywhere? No. But neither would I tell any Revs fan to rest easy on the possibility. 

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