Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Landon Donovan Signs Another Galaxy Contract Press Call

So the news is out that LD has signed a multi-year contract with the LA Galaxy. Actually, since he was already on a contract with them, this is a contract extension.

This press conference call is where he's going to talk about it. 

I'm on hold. Classical music playing. 

New Galaxy press dude Brendan Hannan is now on the line, introducing LD, recapping his greatness. Press stuff, but yeah, multiple MLS titles and records.

Q: When the deal was struck?

LD: Beginning of July, talks started. After Gold Cup, we made it a priority. 

Kyle Mac asks about decisive factor. 

LD is a bit vague, says he likes the organization, the team, the fans, the success they have had together. Mentions specific players. Becks gets a shout-out. 

Jeff C asks about loan - why not? 

LD admits he thought about it, but decided against it - partly to be ready for WC. 

My turn!

I asked LD about the length of his contract. He jokes that it's for 20 years. Then I ask if he'd like to retire with the Galaxy. He definitely does. 

SB asked about teams interested in signing him. LD demurs specific names, but says there were some big ones. 

I hit the high points, but it's still surprising that the call was so short. In some ways, I think that Donovan staying on with the Galaxy is a bit taken for granted. Or at least, not big news given that instead of, "Wow! A change!", it's basically, "OK, more of the same." 


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Anonymous said...


Can't tell you how happy I am to see your posts here on SV again. I have always liked both your style and your perspective. Seemed as if you disappeared for a while. Trust that all is well.

LD has proven for me that going to Europe to play at the highest level is overrated. For whatever reason he Galaxy have been able to keep their players, not just the big names: Franklin, Juninho, AJ, Dunivant... Magee and Buddle were the only two exceptions I can think of. They have also been able to accommodate some valuable veterans with downgraded salaries: Heydude, Berhalter, Mastroeni...

Why do you think he Galaxy have been able to do this?