Friday, December 29, 2006

Going, Going, Go --

So far, the designated player rule for MLS has been a bust.
No club has used it on anyone
noteworthy yet.

Luis Figo, a rumored target, has signed with a team in Saudi Arabia.

Paulo Wanchope has signed with a team in Japan.

Bruno Marioni has signed with a team in Argentina.

Jared Borgetti has signed with Cruz Azul in Mexico.

Though it came from a source who wouldn't go on the record, reporter Miguel Melendez told us that the Galaxy did make an offer for Borgetti. So at least someone tried to get a big-name player.

But whether they're trying or just not bothering, MLS clubs are not landing anyone. Beckham would still be a big catch, of course, and that's still a possibility, but it's not looking good as so far, more players are leaving MLS (Palencia, Dempsey, etc) than are coming in.

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