Friday, October 10, 2008

Sven's task

My write up on Sven Goran Eriksson for

So far, Sven's done a great job, an excellent job actually. And not all of those high marks have to do with coaching.

I still find it odd how Eriksson was hired on to the job having A) never stepped foot in Mexico and B) not speaking Spanish. Maybe that happens in other countries but Mexico always seems to want to hire coaches that know the league and are preferably Mexican - that they speak Spanish would seem a given.

I know they had Bora Milutinovic and, well, there's a rumor he speaks Spanish and English. I've heard him attempt both languages and it's very difficult to understand the man.

But I heard Sven Goran speak Spanish and it's not bad. For having had about three months to learn, it's not bad at all. Some people spend years studying it and only know the very basics, if that.

Of course, this is all well and good right now. If Mexico loses to Jamaica and Canada, nobody is going to care if Sven speaks Spanish like Enrique Bermudez. Sven's job will be in trouble.

But I don't think that will happen. Mexico will get through to the Hexagonal on Saturday.


Anonymous said...

Luis check out this report that apeared on spanish Sportscenter.

Here's the link to the video:

It's about another soccer child prodigy, Edgardo "El Gato" Obregon.He was born in 99 in Miami to a Mexican father and Venezuelan mother.

He has recived notierity due to some videos of him that his dad posted on him on youtube, just like many other so called "prodigys."

Mexico has not made no formal comment about the kid, while the Venezuelan press is already starting its plea to lure the kid into playing for Chavez Land.

Whats your take on the kid and his situation?

And also, should U.S. soccer start tracking the kid's progress right away and maybe start courting him in the near future, in hopes of snatching away from Mexico another Mexican American player?

Thank you

Anonymous said...

I doubt Obregon will play for anyone but Mexico if he pans out. He might have been born in Miami, but his connection to the US seems to be thin, since all the news reports refer to him as Mexican, and he grew up in Mexico, playing in Mexican youth teams, one of them being Chivas. If the kid is that good, I highly doubt Mexico will let him slip threw their fingers. Also there's no way he ever ends up wearing Venezuelan colors.

CACuzcatlan said...

Doesn't Sven speak Portuguese. Supposedly, its not too hard for Portuguese speakers to pick up Spanish. Though it may not be as easy for non-native speakers like Sven.

Anonymous said...

Sven is the man! If Sven guides them to new heights he will go down as one of the best coaches in history, of all time, in all of global soccer.

Too bad Mexico cannot outsource some other high-level jobs to foreigners of Sven's prestige and qualifications. Maybe bring some more Swedes to run the police, economy, re-form education, and protect the environment.


Anonymous said...

Yeah Sven has an untouchable prestige, look at the wonders he did with England (sarcastic tone )

Anonymous said...

California out sourced its governership look how good that has worked out

Anonymous said...

El Tri turned into a mess in most ways under Sanchez, but there seemed to be one area of improvement and that was attitude. Under previous coaches, the players always had energy in reserve for petty attacks on opponents when they fell behind late. That's not the whole picture, but it does say something about the wrong attitude mentioned here. That was less evident under Sanchez. The team seemed to pay hard regardless of the score. Team did seem to be more important than any macho personal feelings. Sven should benefit from that.