Monday, October 6, 2008

Lye Burns Rankings (Oct. 6)

Anyone up for a Crew-Dynamo MLS Cup? That only seems fair right now, the way the season is playing out. Of course, it probably won't happen. But those are the top two teams in the rankings and really, if they aren't 1-2 in your rankings, you must use some skewed formula that doesn't reward teams for success.

1. Columbus (16-6-5). With a plus-15, only club with a goal differential of plus-10 or more.
2. Houston (11-5-10). Five losses a league low.
3. Chicago (12-9-6). Fire have been maddeningly inconsistent recently - five wins, five losses and a draw in last 11.
4. New England (12-8-7). Somehow managed to come-from-behind and draw... which I suppose is some sort of positive.
5. Chivas USA (11-10-6). Five wins in last six - and four of them have been against Eastern teams.
6. Real Salt Lake (9-10-8). Road point at this stage of season is fine but a win could have been massive.
7. FC Dallas (8-9-10). Playoff spot is theirs to lose.
8. Colorado (10-13-4). Picked a bad time to get blown out.
9. San Jose (7-10-9). Oh well. It was fun while it lasted.
10. Kansas City (8-10-9). Will regret not having picked up full three points at home.
11. Toronto (8-12-7). Chad Barrett finally showing some signs of becoming a valuable forward.
12. DC United (10-14-3). What a miserable season DC has had.
13. New York (9-10-8). With playoff races heating up, Red Bulls lose two home games by a combined 8-5. Defense? Ha.
14. LA Galaxy (7-12-8). Galaxy competing with Kings for worst professional sports team in LA... and what do they have in common again? That's right, AEG.


A.Ruiz said...

As a Fire fan, if the team can get past New England and it's the conference final in Columbus. I like our chances. In fact, I'm looking forward to it.

They would have 500 or more Fire fans packing a near empty crew stadium. More importantly, they would play away from home, which has been their achilles heel.

The Columbus-Fire game in July was the best game I've seen all year. It was a wide-open game with attacking and plenty of goals and both teams were evenly matched.

I'm looking forward for next week. I don't think the Fire are scared by Columbus and it should be another exciting game.

Frank Macomber said...

Do we get some kind of shield/trophy for leading the league in revenue?

Anonymous said...

No way DC should be above NY.
nuff said
come on!

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

Galaxy competing with Kings for worst professional sports team in LA... and what do they have in common again? That's right, AEG.

Yes, but do Anschitz (no misspelling intended) and Lie-weke care? Obviously not. They have their money. They have their Beckham. They have their stupid Galaxy fans who will pay inflated prices to watch an inferior product, all because Beckham is on the team.

What, they worry?