Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Piercing opinions

Paul Pierce came out to Chelsea's training today. He's in town for the ESPY awards. (Incidently, when I tried to request a credential to cover the ESPYs, the word from on high was that there were no credentials available for soccer writers. No love for soccer? Shocker.)

Anyway, at one point, Nick Webster of Fox Soccer Channel was trying to film a promo, saying, "The celebrities have come out to watch Chelsea train. Paul Davis is here."
Pierce gave him such a look. It wasn't friendly.

As Billy Witz said later, "Part of the reason that was bad is because Paul Davis is a pretty poor basketball player."

Pierce was polite about all the questions, even the ones that were out of his realm, like when he was asked what the Lakers need to do to become champions again. He sort of replied, but then he got to his point. "It's really not my problem, man."

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Anonymous said...

Wow, that is real funny. Sounds like Paul Pierce is a good guy though.

You know that is what US Soccer/MLS needs more of, a little more star power from other sports athletes getting behind it.

Of course Chelsea has something to do with that.